Introducing New EC at Anchorvale Lane: Rivercove Residence EC

Introducing New EC at Anchorvale Lane: Rivercove Residence EC

Rivercove Residence EC is brand new EC situated in the 226,000 sq feet area in the Anchorvale Lane D19 Sengkang district. The EC is expected to have about 635 fully furnished residential units along with all the required communal facilities and parking for the residents. Each unit of this wonderful EC is considered to have 3 to 5 bedroom types and hence best providers in the area locality wise as well as in terms of facilities also.

Rivercove Residences EC, a new project by Hoi Hup Realty constructors who is recently working on another project Sophia Hills at Dhoby Ghaut. The name of the Rivercove Residences is derived from its inspirational origin where it is locating the river bay of Sungei Punggol. Wonderful view, amazing location and much more what else better you require for your perfect dream home?

Features that make Rivercove Residences EC best among all

  • Excellent Connectivity: Rivercove Residences is located in the perfect location in the city. It is nearer to two major Expressways Tampines Expressway (TPE), and Seletar Expressway (SLE). Central Expressway and Layar LRT stations are also very much nearer to the walking distance of this wonderful EC. The best thing about this wonderful site location is that it is very much nearer to best schools and hospitals and other useful spots in the city.
  • Amenities and Facilities: Amenities and Facilities that are located to nearer to any residential community are the most important things that really needed to look forward before approaching the one for you. With the going on developments in the city of Singapore and the changing lifestyle the establishment of various malls and shopping complexes is going on increasing day by day. The best part of the Rivercove Residences EC is that it is located in a perfect location in the city which is easily accessible to all these. It is very much nearer to Sengkang Riverside Park, Sengkang Sculpture Park, Sengkang Sports and recreation center, Anchorvale Community club, and the upcoming Sengkang General and Community Hospital etc.
  • Layout: With reference to the previous projects of Hoi Hup Realty’s we can perfectly consider the basic plan of the Rivercove Residences EC. It is a wonderful place for starting up the small family to the number of generations and that too with suitable for everyone. Just go for booking your dream home now in Singapore as the market prices are getting really high day by day.
  • Renowned Developers: Hoi Hup Realty is one of the best developers of the Singapore which are continuously providing its services in the beautiful country for more than 34 years. The company includes various wonderful projects in its lists and well known for providing best services to the customers.

Investment potential: Rivercove Residences EC is one of the best investment plans you can think of right now. If you are financially stable and have capabilities you can buy some of the flats which you can use as your financial equities in future also.

3 Reasons why it is better to call yourself “The Property Manager” Rather than “The Landlord”

3 Reasons why it is better to call yourself “The Property Manager” Rather than “The Landlord”

Being the landlord or owner of a rental property can put you in some on the spot uncomfortable positions.  You might be better off in you are only known as the “property manager”.  You can also prevent the possibility of rather unfortunate scenarios in being known as the landlord.


Reasons why it is advantageous to be “The Property Manager” and not “The Landlord”

  1. When asked a question, tenants will not expect an answer immediately; since you still need to refer the question to the landlord. Tenants can expect things from you when they know you are the landlord, for instance, asking you to be lenient towards them for a late rental payment because of a personal emergency.  Or they can ask to keep a pet even though the lease states that there are no pets allowed.

When these unfortunate things happen you can just state that you are the property manager and would refer the questions to the landlord.  In a few days, you can give the answer in a not so emotionally charged manner than when it is expected of you to be the nice guy.

  1. When the answers given is not the tenants’ preferred ones, they won’t blame you but the nasty, evil landlord; you being just the manager. In this way, you can keep your treatment of all tenants equally fair without letting yourself being forced to make decisions that can bring discord between tenants.
  2. Being the landlord can cause connotations that you have lots of money, that you make money off your tenants, and that you do not care what they feel. Your tenants might be under the misconception that you will never have their interest at heart.  This can lead to some nasty conversations and accusations towards you.

To outright lie when asked directly if you are the landlord, is not what is suggested.  Introducing yourself as the Property Manager of the property will just allow you a bit of flexibility in response times.  You do not need to say you are not the landlord, but rather imply that the decision making is not yours alone.

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions when you are looking to buy a Home

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions when you are looking to buy a Home

Whether you are purchasing your first or your tenth home, you will always have questions.  Every time will cause the same myriad of feelings and the same emotions caused by the whole home buying process.

Even home buyers with lots of experience can have questions.  When you feel unsure, you should feel free to ask any question, even if you feel it is a dumb question.


5 Questions Frequently Asked When Buying a Home is considered:

  1. Should I speak to the bank before I start looking at houses?

Definitely, yes, you should get pre-approved before you start looking for a house.  Getting pre-approved will help you in knowing what price-range you can afford.  It is a waste of time to look at homes that are in a higher price range than what you can afford.  The bank will also be able to inform you about all the costs that go with buying a home, as well as what type of programs, loans, and mortgages are available to choose from.

  1. Do I need a Realtor?

It is recommended strongly that you do employ a Realtor.  A Realtor will represent your best interests through the whole process.  Having a Realtor will help things go smoothly.  Realtors are not all the same.  Make sure beforehand that you and the Realtor will be able to work together and understand each other.

  1. What type of Neighbourhood/area, are the house located in?

You might wonder about the crime statistics, local amenities, taxes, neighbourhood politics, economic growth, public transportation, good schools, and so much more.  A Realtor should not provide you with personal insights into what they think of a neighbourhood.  They might, however, give you pertinent information that will enable you to make the correct decisions on possible neighbourhoods and preferred areas.

  1. How Many Homes should I see before making a Decision and making an Offer?

The answer is actually quite easy and simple.  There is no specific number to look at before you choose your home.  If you immediately feel the first house you look at it, is everything you wanted, you make your offer.  But it can also take 25 or more homes to look through before you find the house you want.

  1. Is a Final Walk-through necessary?

Yes, between your last walk-through and the next time you see your house; a few weeks could have gone by.  A lot of things can change in that in-between time.  When you do the final walk-through you should check that the toilets are flushing properly, you should check if there is hot water and also check if the furnace is working.

Be prepared and well informed when you are buying a home.  It can make a huge difference if you are well educated in the processes of home buying before you even start to look at houses.


Are you a First Time Home Buyer? Will a Mortgage Loan work for you?

Are you a First Time Home Buyer?  Will a Mortgage Loan work for you?

When buying your first home, you can easily become overwhelmed with all the well-meaning advice you are given by people that already own a house.  Well-meaning people, who can say, “Been there, done that”, but, the problem is that buying a house is a personal venture for you and you have to decide for yourself what is the best options.  Such things are never the same for two persons.

Buying your first house is a milestone in life everybody aims for.  This is the place you are probably going to live in for the rest of your life.  You might be fortunate enough to raise a new family there and also entertain loved ones and friends.

However, there are things you have to consider before making any major decisions about buying a home.  The real estate market can change in the blink of an eye.  Buying a house can be a heavy burden on your budget.  If you want to make things a bit easier on your pocket, you might consider taking out a mortgage loan.  But first …..


Will taking out a mortgage loan work for me? 

What you can expect when taking out a mortgage loan:

  1. You will have a Mortgage Payment Monthly: The financial institution or bank will cover the biggest portion of the cost of the house.  In exchange, you will pay the monthly principal amount plus the interest on the whole amount.  Banks are strict with these payments and will issue you with a lien, which is a kind of security that covers the bank’s risk.  If you fail to pay the monthly amount the bank will take your home back.
  2. You can choose either a Fixed-Rate or Adjustable Interest Rate: A fixed-rate will have you pay the same interest rate per month.  Whether there are changes in the real estate market or not, your interest will stay the same.  This can be fortunate in the way that you will know what to expect.  Fixed-rate mortgages will run from 15 to 30 years.

The adjustable interest rate is run on a fixed rate for a certain term and then it will fluctuate with the changes in the real estate market.  This means that it can be lower when the interest rate is down but will go higher if the interest rate is higher.

  1. Keep a Good Watch on the Interest Rates: Interest rates fluctuate and are unstable.  If you decided to take the adjustable interest rate you should be especially watchful for changes.  You need to learn to read the signs correctly and take advantage of unstable interest rates.  Most banks allow refinancing of mortgages.  Refinancing will bring you lower interest rates as the years go by.

Buying a home with the help of a mortgage loan can now become a reality.  You can do research on all the best mortgage providers and then make an informed, knowledgeable decision on all the possibilities.