3 Reasons why it is better to call yourself “The Property Manager” Rather than “The Landlord”

3 Reasons why it is better to call yourself “The Property Manager” Rather than “The Landlord”

Being the landlord or owner of a rental property can put you in some on the spot uncomfortable positions.  You might be better off in you are only known as the “property manager”.  You can also prevent the possibility of rather unfortunate scenarios in being known as the landlord.


Reasons why it is advantageous to be “The Property Manager” and not “The Landlord”

  1. When asked a question, tenants will not expect an answer immediately; since you still need to refer the question to the landlord. Tenants can expect things from you when they know you are the landlord, for instance, asking you to be lenient towards them for a late rental payment because of a personal emergency.  Or they can ask to keep a pet even though the lease states that there are no pets allowed.

When these unfortunate things happen you can just state that you are the property manager and would refer the questions to the landlord.  In a few days, you can give the answer in a not so emotionally charged manner than when it is expected of you to be the nice guy.

  1. When the answers given is not the tenants’ preferred ones, they won’t blame you but the nasty, evil landlord; you being just the manager. In this way, you can keep your treatment of all tenants equally fair without letting yourself being forced to make decisions that can bring discord between tenants.
  2. Being the landlord can cause connotations that you have lots of money, that you make money off your tenants, and that you do not care what they feel. Your tenants might be under the misconception that you will never have their interest at heart.  This can lead to some nasty conversations and accusations towards you.

To outright lie when asked directly if you are the landlord, is not what is suggested.  Introducing yourself as the Property Manager of the property will just allow you a bit of flexibility in response times.  You do not need to say you are not the landlord, but rather imply that the decision making is not yours alone.