5 Most Frequently Asked Questions when you are looking to buy a Home

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions when you are looking to buy a Home

Whether you are purchasing your first or your tenth home, you will always have questions.  Every time will cause the same myriad of feelings and the same emotions caused by the whole home buying process.

Even home buyers with lots of experience can have questions.  When you feel unsure, you should feel free to ask any question, even if you feel it is a dumb question.


5 Questions Frequently Asked When Buying a Home is considered:

  1. Should I speak to the bank before I start looking at houses?

Definitely, yes, you should get pre-approved before you start looking for a house.  Getting pre-approved will help you in knowing what price-range you can afford.  It is a waste of time to look at homes that are in a higher price range than what you can afford.  The bank will also be able to inform you about all the costs that go with buying a home, as well as what type of programs, loans, and mortgages are available to choose from.

  1. Do I need a Realtor?

It is recommended strongly that you do employ a Realtor.  A Realtor will represent your best interests through the whole process.  Having a Realtor will help things go smoothly.  Realtors are not all the same.  Make sure beforehand that you and the Realtor will be able to work together and understand each other.

  1. What type of Neighbourhood/area, are the house located in?

You might wonder about the crime statistics, local amenities, taxes, neighbourhood politics, economic growth, public transportation, good schools, and so much more.  A Realtor should not provide you with personal insights into what they think of a neighbourhood.  They might, however, give you pertinent information that will enable you to make the correct decisions on possible neighbourhoods and preferred areas.

  1. How Many Homes should I see before making a Decision and making an Offer?

The answer is actually quite easy and simple.  There is no specific number to look at before you choose your home.  If you immediately feel the first house you look at it, is everything you wanted, you make your offer.  But it can also take 25 or more homes to look through before you find the house you want.

  1. Is a Final Walk-through necessary?

Yes, between your last walk-through and the next time you see your house; a few weeks could have gone by.  A lot of things can change in that in-between time.  When you do the final walk-through you should check that the toilets are flushing properly, you should check if there is hot water and also check if the furnace is working.

Be prepared and well informed when you are buying a home.  It can make a huge difference if you are well educated in the processes of home buying before you even start to look at houses.