Did you know that we can track the term “Real Estate” as far back as 334 BC.?  Did you know that this first aggressive acquisition of land, or real estate, was taken, with force when Alexander the Great defeated the Persians?  Or that the world’s very first “SOLD” sign was a decree made by William the Conqueror that he owned the whole of England after he defeated the Normans?

Luckily we do not have to go to such extreme lengths to acquire a piece of property nowadays.  We do not have to conquer whole countries, like Napoleon.  Or, acquire swampy ground as part of a land deal, like the US when it purchased Louisiana in 1803.  From then till today, major upsets, (the stock market crash of 1929), and changes, happened.  You can now find available properties on the Internet, in what is now known as “Real Estate”.

You do not have to be dressed to all nines to be able to connect with a modern Realtor to find a home, apartment, shack, lean-to or castle, in our modern era.  You can sit in your PJ’s in your own dwelling with your Smartphone, laptop or telephone and check out all the available properties and the resources available, to help you find that ideal property for you.