Real Estate Resources

Whether you want to sell your house, buy a new home, relocate to another country, swop a house, find an apartment for rent, or maybe you are just looking for a housemate to share the rent?  You can find all of this online with the press of a few buttons.

Online Real Estate Resources:

Find homes all over the world at this website.  If you need to relocate to another country, this is where you will find a new home.  They do not charge commission on properties sold, rented or leased.  Only the listing of properties requires a small fee.

Landlords find renters; that will fit the criteria you set out.  A possible renter fills out the needed forms and provides all the information that you require.  You, as the landlord, can then make an informed decision on the renters for available rentals.

Find a roommate; that will be a perfect match for sharing your apartment, house or flat.  This roommate search covers cities and towns nationwide.  You will set up a profile with photographs included, and you can search other profiles exactly like yours until you made your match.

Compare rental rates; allow landlords and tenants to explore and compare the going rental rates for all types of housing, apartments, single family homes, vacation homes, rental rooms and much more.

Search through available apartments listed; this site provides you with photographs and floor plan drawings.

Use these available online resources to find the perfect home, apartment or vacation accommodation.  There are still much more online search resources, you just need to ask and your worldwide information provider will show you what is on offer.