Ways to increase the value of your condominium unit

Ways to increase the value of your condominium unit

Most condominiums in Singapore are cozy, fresh and clean. They occupy a limited space, but still provide everything that is needed. Their proximity to schools and offices makes them excellent. You can also find recreational areas such as gym and swimming pools without having to leave the premises. Condos are in high demand in Singapore. If you are planning to sell yours, you might want to give it a modern prefab home to fetch an even better profit. Here are some brilliant suggestions on how to do it.

Bathroom makeover

Potential buyer never misses the bathroom when evaluating a place. To make the room undeniable, you need to work on chipped tiles, repaint the walls and get rid of any stains. Keep it fresh, organized and clean, and you will be selling your house to the highest bidder.

Go green

Singapore is a small and highly populated country. However, no one wants to destroy the environment. Making your condo environmental friendly shows, you are responsible, and you promote ecological conservation. Way to go green includes having plant pot to make the air fresh, using energy saving light and low-flow shower heads.

Organize furniture

To add some touch to furniture you can choose to replace them or add more furniture to give the room some life. The most important thing is to ensure they coordinate with the rest of interior. Old furniture should be repainted, while sofas and pillows washed to get rid of any bad smell. Rugs and carpets also need to be checked out.

Condo maintenance

Maintenance includes ensuring everything is running efficiently. Pay attention to appliances such as stoves, shower head, and heaters. By fixing such items, they last longer and don’t fail when displaying them to potential buyers. Majority of buyers are after a fully functional house. They want to avoid the stress of fixing things later. It means going for brand new items, so be it. However, remember to include the cost of the condo market price.

Get rid of bad odor

A bad smelling condo is a major turnoff. No one wants to leave in the stuffy room. Before putting the condo on the market, thoroughly clean the unit, change floorboards, carpets and repaint the walls. Getting a professional help might be the better option as it might be a hassle making such smells disappear.

Clean and create storage

Most condos don’t have a garage. Regardless you need to keep garbage tucked away in an organized manner. This makes the room more spacious and easy to move around. You can have closet with enough compartment to keep everything in the right place. Shelves are also efficient in maximizing space in a condo.
Those are just but a few suggestion on how to maximize space in your condo. If you do them, you can be assured that the price of your condo will be higher and easier to sell. How about doing it with your family? It sure a great way to spend free time.